Spa pool circuit therapy™

A holistic massage therapy experience that works your entire body

Your Caldera spa can be used in a number of ways to access the full benefits of spa pool circuit therapy.  You may often wish to simply sit and soak in silence, surrendering to the blissful state of being that comes with soaking in warm water. Alternatively, you may be seeking a penetrating, full body massage to help iron out those aches and pains and ease those overworked muscles.

Our Caldera seats and jets have been strategically placed to give a holistic, full body massage experience. Each seat and position in the spa will work a different muscle group, giving you a deep massage where you need it most. The choice is yours!

Just like a qualified trainer will take you through a full training circuit to work all the major muscle groups, your Caldera spa works in the same way. The specialised jets can target in on particular muscle groups to provide a deep and penetrating massage that will help your muscles recover quicker.

Our Hot Tub Circuit Therapy™ focuses on one muscle group at a time. Choose from your lower or middle back, your neck and shoulders, your glutes or hamstrings, calves or feet. The beauty is that you can dictate your massage and the intensity and duration spent in each key area of your body. Adjusting the jets allows you to control the intensity of the massage – from deep and penetrating to a gentle touch.

Release the tension from all areas of your body with a massage where you are in control.

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Move from seat to seat and see how each jet targets individual areas of your body for the ultimate spa pool circuit therapy.

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