Eco Friendly Spa Pool - Caldera Spas

Discover the Eco Friendly Spa Pool

Enhance the eco friendliness of your Caldera Spa Pool and the Earth will love it too

1. Insulation of your spa pool is vital when it is not in use. You can do this by installing a spa pool cover and cover lifter. A cover will help to keep the heat in when not in use. Be sure to check for gaps where heat can escape.

2. Maximise the heat retention in your eco friendly spa pool adding the Caldera Hinge Seal to your spa cover.

3. Use fewer spa pool chemicals by using the in-line FROG™ water care system. It doses a combination of specially-formulated minerals and bromine with fewer chemicals than conventional water care methods.

4. Inhibit the growth of bacteria with the Monarch™ CD ozone generator plus Monarch silver cartridge. They combine to minimise the growth of bacteria and reduce chemicals. With the eco friendly spa pool products, you will extend the freshness and reduce the amount of water used throughout the life of your spa.

5. Extend the longevity of your spa pool water by replacing your hot tub filters at the recommended intervals.

6. Replace water loss the eco friendly way in your spa pool. Utilising captured rainwater is not only an eco friendly spa pool habit, but it is an inexpensive way to replace water loss due to evaporation.

7. Avoid overuse of spa pool chemicals and over-dosing by following the Owner’s Manual. Following the proper water care procedures will mean avoiding any unwanted spa pool maintenance errors.

8. Reduce your carbon footprint whilst creating an ambient spa environment by landscaping around your spa pool with plants and trees.

9. Service and maintain your spa pool to ensure it continues to run at peak efficiency.

10. Reduce your energy usage by lowering the temperature of your spa pool. All it takes is a few degrees!

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