Spa Pool Steps

Feel safe in the entry and exit into your Caldera® spa with our range of spa steps. With non-slip design and hardwearing, durable manufacturing, our spa steps are the ideal accompaniment to your Caldera spa. Our spa steps come in a range of varieties so you can best match them to the spa model of your choice. Choose from our Avante™ Steps, EcoTech™ Steps, and Polymer Steps.

Avante™ Spa Steps

Avante™ steps match the Avante all-climate cabinet on our Utopia™ Series models. Available in Slate, Brownstone, or Sand.

Avante Spa Steps in Slate

Avante Spa Steps in Brownstone

Avante Spa Steps in Sand

EcoTech™ Spa Steps

Spa steps are essential for the safe entry and exit into your spa. Our durable EcoTech Steps match our spas perfectly. Made from the same material used to construct our exterior EcoTech cabinets. Available in Coastal Gray, Espresso and Teak.

EcoTech Spa Steps in Coastal Gray

EcoTech Spa Steps in Espresso

EcoTech Spa Steps in Teak

Polymer Hot Tub Steps

This economical 81 cm spa step is durable, lightweight and made of recyclable material. Available in Coastal Gray, Espresso and Teak.

Polymer Hot Tub Steps in Coastal Gray

Polymer Hot Tub Steps in Espresso

Polymer Hot Tub Steps in Teak

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Spa Pool Steps

The Importance of Spa Pool Steps

Running close behind your spa pool cover and lifter as the ultimate spa pool accessory, are your spa pool steps. They make getting in and out of your spa that much easier, as well as safer. Kids and adults alike will have no troubles getting in and out of your spa, making the spa experience enjoyable for the whole family. Add the spa pool handrail for additional safety.

Get the Right Spa Pool Step Size

Every spa has different dimensions and height. For most spa pool models, two steps will enable you to safely and conveniently get in and out of your spa. Be careful of inexpensive after-market spa pool steps that might not be the right height, width or depth for your spa.

Spa Step Construction Materials

You spa steps will be exposed to weather conditions, just like your spa. Spa steps that are low maintenance and can withstand the elements for the life of your spa are vital. They should be easy to keep clean and comfortable to walk on with bare feet. The weight the steps is also important. Heavier steps will be hard to move for cleaning and snow removal (where needed). Our lightweight line of Polymer spa pool steps are made of recyclable materials.

As your spa pool is designed for quality time and relaxation, you want to avoid any stress when getting in and out of the spa. It should never present difficulty or a hazard.

Looks Do Matter!

Your spa will complement your home and be a source of pride and the centre of many celebrations and quality time with family and friends. It should add to the beauty of your backyard, deck, patio or wherever it may lie. Ensure the spa steps you buy match or complement the look of your spa for a seamless look.

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