The power of a hydrotherapy spa pool

Release the healing, therapeutic effects of warm water

A hydrotherapy spa pool gives you access to a wide range of health benefits. The renowned healing properties of warm water immersion and massage have been celebrated and practiced for centuries. Hydrotherapy techniques such as warm water immersion and massage therapies are used by hospitals and physical therapists in recovery and rehabilitation. It helps to relieve a number of physical ailments and have positive effects on general well being. Our intuitive design and engineering enhances the self-care benefits that a hydrotherapy spa pool can bring.

A Deeper and Sounder Sleep

Releasing the tension in your body by soaking in your Caldera Spa before bed time can really set you on the right path to a more restful, deeper and sounder sleep. Once in the spa, your body temperature rises, increasing blood supply along with it, which in turn, increases circulation. Exit the spa, and your core temperature lowers slowly, signalling to the body that it is time to sleep.

Faster Muscle Recovery and Healing

Warmth helps to increase circulation and assist healing. Therefore, time spent in a warm spa, especially those with well-placed, soothing jets, will help to increase circulation. As a result, your blood will more effectively supply nutrients to help cells and tissues regenerate. According to Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy by Drs. Bruce Becker and Andrew Cole, “immersion in warm water can lead to a faster and longer-lasting recovery. An environment which is less prone to cause pain, and is even pleasurable, makes immersion in warm water a unique healing environment.”

Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis

Time in a spa pool helps to create a beneficial environment to relieve arthritic pain and stiffness. It is a practice supported by the Arthritis Foundation. Heated water works by raising the body’s core temperature, which increases blood circulation. The buoyancy of the water relieves stress on joints and muscles to encourage more efficient, less painful movements. In addition, with the use of jets, the warm water massage relaxes muscles, ligaments and tendons. The release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relief mechanism is triggered, completing the experience.

An Arthritis Foundation publication states “Regular sessions in your hot tub will keep joints moving. It restores and preserves strength and flexibility, and also protects your joints from further damage.”

Complete Stress Relief

The ritual of warm water soaking goes back centuries. Ask any spa pool owner and enthusiast, and they will quickly tell you the healing and therapeutic effects that their spa pool brings. Even science backs the effects of spa pools by reducing blood pressure.

The benefits of soaking in a hydrotherapy spa are many. We all know thats spas can help us to relax. But how many of us have truly felt those effects in full swing? There is nothing like the true anti-stress feeling that comes over you after spending time in a spa. So we invite you to feel it for yourself!

Call your local Caldera Spa dealer, arrange a time to test one of our spas for yourself. Then you’ll know just how a Caldera hydrotherapy spa pool can change your life, and your stress levels.

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